Hello world!

I’ve never been one for blogging for the main reason that I don’t really have much to talk about, however; I decided to give it a shot. In 2010 I decided to take my love for photography to a new level. I started working under the label PMFC Photography. Starting out was hard, I had no cliental, no experience and no resources. I was still in high school, working 15-28 hours a week and spent every down moment trying to balance my life and get everything on track. I’d like to say things got easier, yet reality states it didn’t. When I graduated in June 2011 I began spending more and more time trying to book sessions, getting clients and I did my first wedding that summer.

Currently I am attending college in Fredericton NB to gain my degree in photography. I have Built up my cliental bit by bit with much work and each day I put a little more heart and a little more sweat into ensuring I keep them and continue to attract more. The business has undergone some changes, the name is now Pamela Cummings Photography and new labels, packages and promotions have been instated.

I hope to keep this blog as a record of sessions from here on in. For all who are reading this- thank you for taking the time and I hope you stick around!!!

Pamela Cummings